Love a Stranger


When life is tight and stressed it’s easy to be rude to people who don’t matter to us, aka strangers. With the start of the school year I noticed a shift in energy in London which felt small and tight after the carefree openness of summer. When I notice that energy in the air, I like to take time to spread a little love – it not only makes me feel better, I like to think it makes the world a better place too.

A challenge for September:


Spread a little joy and love of your own – smile at several strangers and see what happens …


Hold the door for someone who isn’t expecting it.


Say thank you to the person serving your coffee.


Give someone your seat on the train.


Ask your cashier how their day is going – make a connection, however brief, and give a genuine smile.


How do you feel? What impact does it have on the rest of your day?


Let me know in the comments or use #spreadtheloveseptember

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