Yoga for Creativity

Sometimes we all need a bit of help to get inspired and to reconnect with ourselves. And of course yoga can help!

Below are a few videos to help connect in with our centre and lower bellies, the areas of the body linked to our creativity and sense of self. These are lovely movements at any time, but especially useful if you’re feeling creatively blocked, uninspired, unmotivated or not quite at ease with who you are. You can do just one video, or all four, and take as long or as short as you like with any of them – all together they are just under 10 minutes, but feel free to take more time if you have it. I like these movements most just after I wake up (to bring movement into the spine), or if I’ve been working all day and need a little boost in the afternoon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and what impact the videos have for you! Leave me a comment or find me on instagram: @laurenewilkie


Self-Practice Yoga Playlist – September 2016

This month’s music inspiration – a bit pop, a bit indulgent … an upbeat hour of music making me want to move my body on my mat in ways that feel good. What inspires you to move your body? What are you listening to on the mat this month? Let me know in the comments or use #selfpracticeseptember





This playlist is designed with the following type of flow in mind: a short warm-up, a dynamic standing sequence, some seated poses and a lovely long savasana.