“Lauren is an inspiring teacher who encourages you to push yourself if it’s right for you. The classes are fun, relaxing and well thought-out; it’s like exercising with a friend!” – corporate Pilates, Pai Skincare

“I love your sessions – I find them so helpful for body, mind and heart. I really enjoy your attention to detail in the postures, and the little touches, like quotes and head massage that make your classes unique – thank you!” – corporate yoga, Pai Skincare

“[Your classes] have helped me to relax, given me space, and time to breathe.” – corporate yoga, Pai Skincare

“I really enjoy the options given to suit all abilities. The moves are gentle, yet effective and can be adapted, depending on how you’re feeling.” – corporate yoga, Science Museum

“I have really enjoyed your gentle, go at your own pace approach. This has helped me feel more comfortable, and less daunted by new moves. I always leave the class feeling relaxed and balanced whilst still feeling as though I have had a workout.” – corporate yoga, Science Museum