Classes & Events

Quiet the mind while you stretch and strengthen your body. Leave feeling uplifted and refreshed. Lauren offers PRIVATE or CORPORATE yoga or Pilates classes as well as these open classes:

Monday 7:30am – Vinyasa Flow – GoodVibes, Covent Garden

Tuesday 12:15pm – Relax and Nourish Yoga – Oitoo, Liverpool Street

Thursday 12:15pm – Movement and Meditation – Oitoo, Liverpool Street

Friday 7:30am – Yoga & Meditation – GoodVibes, Covent Garden


Monthly Women’s Yoga Circle – £21, Hammersmith
Spend an evening nourishing your body and your heart. An hour of gentle movement to open up the body, a restorative yoga nidra to encourage rest and letting go, and a chance to connect with other beautiful souls over herbal tea and raw chocolate. Full details sent upon booking. For more info, get in touch via the “Contact” page.

Wednesday July 25th 7-9pm – Book Here

Thursday September 27th 7-9pm – Book Here

Thursday October 25th 7-9pm – Book Here

Thursday November 22nd 7-9pm – Book Here


An Evening of Aromatic Yin Yoga – £21, Hammersmith
Spend an evening restoring your body and mind, through long slow yin yoga poses perfectly paired with specific essential oils for a truly rejuvenating experience. Slow down, breathe deeply and connect back into yourself, taking time to really restore and refresh. Full details sent upon booking. For more info, get in touch via the “Contact” page.

Thursday July 12th 7-9pm – Book Here


Introduction to Essential Oils – Free (booking essential), Hammersmith

Friday July 13th – Book Here

Learn the basics of essential oils & how they can support your overall health and wellbeing, naturally.

We’ll discuss:
~ What essential oils are and where they come from
~ How to select your oils for purity as well as sustainability
~ How to safely use essential oils
We will also explore how essential oils can be used in everyday life to restore emotional balance, reduce stress, support deep, restful sleep and uplift & energise the mind.

Terms and Conditions


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